Community Guidelines

Community Guidelines

Welcome to Dilmilay Community! A match-making platform where you find discreet relationships of all kinds by meeting new people daily. We need sincere and respectful people, and if you are one, you are welcome to Dilmilay Community.

We have listed our community guidelines below. We implore every user to abide by these community guidelines online and offline. Your offline use of this platform matters a lot to us. It should be decent and respectful, and failure to abide by this can lead to termination of your Dilmilay account.

Not just that, a breach in any of these guidelines can prevent you from using this platform. We encourage you to report any act that violates our guidelines immediately before it escalates.

Dilmilay forbids:

Nudity or erotic contents

Every content you post or share on Dilmilay should be clean and appropriate for public consumption. Nudity or erotic content is prohibited either in bio or public posts.



We take any reports of harassment very seriously, either abuse, threats, sending any unsolicited erotic contents to your matches or intimidation. We encourage everyone in this community not to participate or encourage anyone to participate in any form of harassment.


Hateful or Nasty Comments

Either racism, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, nationality, etc., are prohibited. Therefore, any comments or contents that enhance advocate or condones any of such acts are not allowed on Dilmilay.


Private Information

Private information like passwords, social security numbers, phone numbers, home/work addresses, bank information, etc.; whether your private information or that of someone else"s should not be publicly broadcast.



Be real and do not use Dilmilay to send unsolicited content to contacts you received or use links to drive people to any external websites.


No Soliciting

Do not solicit other users on Dilmilay. It is OK to introduce your match to new stuff, but if the purpose of creating an account with Dilmilay is for advertising purposes or to conduct research, your account might be deleted. We know that you run businesses, and we are always happy about that but do not use Dilmilay to promote your business.


Prostitution and Trafficking

We do not encourage prostitution and trafficking in any form. Also, once such behavior is suspected, your account will be banned for promoting commercial sexual services or human trafficking.


Dilmilay has a zero-tolerance policy for fraudulent or any illegal activity. Therefore, anyone trying to scam others through obtaining their private information or other means will be banned from using Dilmilay. It is prohibited that any user must not share their financial information to crowdfunding or receive money through scamming.



To use Dilmilay, you agree to be 18 years or above. You can read more of this on our terms and conditions page.


Copyright and Trademark Infringement

Unless allowed, do not post images or contents that belong to another person. If it does not belong to you, then do not post it on Dilmilay.


Account Termination

You can use Dilmilay at any time and anywhere of your choice to find your date. If your account remains inactive for some period of time (like over a year) by not logging into the account, your account may be deleted.


Third-party Apps

We only advise using apps created by Dilmilay for our service.