Refund Policy


The refund policy applies to all payments sent to Dilmilay's website, services, or applications. You agree to this refund policy by signing up, accessing our website, application, services, or any product we offer on our website.

Dilmilay may amend or change any part of this refund policy with or without notification. The revised version will be available to everyone and published with an effective date. We will notify you ahead if we need to make an important change before the revised refund policy's effective date. You agree to have read, understood, and consent to all amendments.

By using Dilmilay, you accept that the local laws of your jurisdiction do not alter our refund policy. You solely agree to continue using Dilmilay by agreeing to our refund policy; Otherwise, you can discontinue or unsubscribe.


At Dilmilay, all charges for in-app purchases are non-refundable. Also, there is no refund for partially used subscription period. But an exception for refund may be made for a Dilmilay subscription within 14days of the transaction date or if the laws applicable in your jurisdiction provide for refund.

You can use some of our basic services for free, but you can choose to pay a subscription fee to access all the features Dilmilay provides with the hope of finding your date faster. Dilmilay offers subscription plans from 1-12 months, depending on your choice selection. It is not mandatory to purchase anything from us or use Dilmilay.

If you decide to unsubscribe from an unfinished subscription plan, getting a refund might be a challenge. You will not be refunded for a prematurely canceled subscription, and it remains valid until it expires. If you opt-in for an installment subscription, your credit card remains charged until all due payments have been fully covered.


Even if you choose to cancel your Dilmilay paid subscriptions within the first 3 days of subscribing, the refund process is still not easy. Requesting a refund usually takes time and effort, while non-refundable cancellations opting out of auto-renewal can be made in your account settings.

Suppose you qualify for a refund using one of the methods below. In that case, Dilmilay will process your request and return your money back as soon as they get notification of receipt of your cancellation. We cannot exactly say how long this will take.

It gets more complicated if you subscribed through the Ios App because Apple is a third-party. Therefore, all your requested funds should be directed to them and not Dilmilay. Suppose you purchased the subscription plan from the Google play store. In that case, you only have 48hours after making payment to ask Dilmilay for refunds.

But, you can request a refund via:

·       DoNotPay—this works easily for residents of some states in the US and EU

·       Email—send us a mail via  within 3days following the start of your subscription. Include the reason why you choose to cancel and your account information

·       Mail – compose a letter and mail it  to our office address

To request a refund from Apple:

·       Go to iTunes on your computer/device

·       Select your Apple ID

·       Choose purchase/transaction history

·       Select the purchase/transaction you want your refund against

·       Select report problem


Dilmilay will refund your money for payments executed accidentally or third parties' technical issues. We may compensate you for downtimes in paid features by extending your subscription.

We do not refund money for technical issues other than wrong payments, bugs, or mistakes in the translations.


If you violate any of our terms and conditions, we do not refund you. If we cancel your subscription plan for violating our terms and conditions, Dilmilay is not bound to refund you. It is our right to cancel any membership or subscription with or without notice and without refund.